About Me

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Hi! My name is Isla Backus. I am a wellness consultant and an educator. I have a passion for holistic solutions to health issues, combined with a healthy skepticism that comes from a lifetime of growing up in our traditional medical system. I am a doctor’s daughter with a masters degree in healthcare administration. When my brother was struck down with debilitating illness for which the doctors had no solution, I turned to non-invasive wellness products to supplement their treatment programs. (Click here to read his story in full.) Seeing him returned to health and independent living triggered my commitment to ongoing research into scientifically-based, holistic solutions for health and wellness. This led to the start of my company, Applied Wellness Technologies in the spring of 2009. My goal is to help others weed through the multitude of advertised products available – to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak! – and to inform them of the science that underlies various products and modalities for healthy living.


In my search, I identified two companies in particular whose products and philosophy resonate closely with my own. This has led me into the world of network marketing. As a consultant, I will recommend many products and treatment modalities, depending on the needs of my individual clients. As a network marketing professional, I offer some of these products for direct sale to my customers – again, on an as-needed basis.


Additionally, in my research, I discovered the value of adult coloring as a means of encouraging relaxation, stress relief, and creativity. As an advanced colorist (i.e. a little old lady who never outgrew the love of coloring she had as a child) I am delighted to add AWT Press to my portfolio! I grew up sharing my mother’s love for antique children’s books, and AWT Press offers me the opportunity to make some of these charming books available as coloring books for the benefit of anyone looking for stress relief in our high-stress society.