September 29, 2015

My Brother’s Story



Nuel's picture In September, 2009 Nuel was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pain and nausea. The doctors diagnosed a gall stone, and he was taken into surgery. The surgery revealed a large gall stone that had adhered to the wall of the gall bladder. Infection had set in, and had actually eaten a hole through the wall of the gall bladder and into the intestine.


What followed was a nightmare of surgeries, infections, and life-threatening illness. Nuel went through four surgeries, twice almost dying on the operating table. He endured bouts of pneumonia, kidney failure and heart failure. Because his intestines were not healing, he was unable to eat or drink anything for four months. He was intubated twice – damaging his throat and vocal cords – and ultimately had to have a tracheotomy. Eventually he was put on a stomach tube for feeding, but was still allowed nothing by mouth.


After nine months in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, he was discharged to assisted living in May, 2010. At that point he weighed approximately 120 pounds. His only source of nutrition was through a feeding tube. He was trapped in a wheelchair because the tendons in his legs had contracted to the point that when he tried to stand, his heels were almost two inches from the floor. His doctors informed me that:

          1) It was extremely unlikely that he would ever be able to eat normally again. The longer someone is on a stomach tube, the less likely it is          that he will ever be weaned off of it. The doctor admitted it was remotely possible, but held out no real hope.

          2) Although continued physical therapy was advisable, the only sure way that he might be able to walk again would be if we agreed to          multiple surgeries over time to gradually lengthen his tendons. (This, after almost losing him twice on an operating table? I don’t think so!)

By God’s grace, and through the referrals of caring people, we settled Nuel at Circle of Friends personal care home. There, we were introduced to the concept of a wellness home, and the complementary medical technologies available through Nikken International. Nuel started using Nikken products to facilitate his body’s attempts to heal itself.  Within five weeks, he was walking with his heels on the floor, and his throat had healed to the point that he was able to have the stomach tube removed. In July, 2010 he moved back into independent living and resumed a normal life. He was able to continue painting and writing, and enjoying a full life until his passing on April 2, 2016.  Had it not been for Circle of Friends and Nikken, Nuel would have been stranded in a nursing home at the age of 63, with no hope of a future worth living for.

I thank God for the life that was restored to my brother, and I am committed to telling his story and sharing his triumph with all who will listen.  And so Applied Wellness Technologies was born. My goal now is to identify products and companies – like Nikken – that combine scientific research with a commitment to holistic solutions so that I can help  others see their lives changed and blessed as ours have been!

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